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If you haven’t noticed already we’ve fine-tuned our image a bit, added some upgrades, and highlighted our strengths–in efforts to give you an agency feel and look while still maintaining the same service and quality we are known for.


With the help of our newest partner, ICON Design and Display, we’ve embarked on a really innovative approach to how we design our packaging.


Our whole organization is also seeing some youth infusion. In sales, production, and design--a younger generation is leading the way for us,” said Michael Musgrave, Chief Operations Operator. AKA, “let’s get this printing party started.


In the next coming months, you’ll have access to inside peeks of exciting projects including the Monster displays hot off the press for Summer. (Spoiler: Monster is going to let you enjoy your music in the pool… no, literally IN the pool.) In addition, we’ll have a series of blog posts taking you through the process of our latest printing upgrades and features.


For those of you who love design, be sure to check out the monthly image post of some really inventive displays and furniture made of corrugated cardboard. DIY fans will definitely get some great inspiration, too.


Don’t forget to stay up to date to all the latest and follow us on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, but most of all–join us as we embrace this fun, technology-driven journey to all things Heritage.


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