Digital Printing

As the leader in digitally printed packaging, Heritage Paper helps you enhance your brand image, boost market share, and reduce costs. We offer rapid set-up and can support production runs of any quantity so you can quickly and cost-effectively adjust your look and messaging for maximum relevance and impact. Because we use the latest in digital printing technology from Hewlett-Packard, we deliver outstanding print quality on a wide range of substrates for packaging, signage and graphics.
In addition, unlike many other printers, we avoid bottlenecks in finishing and increase efficiency with our own in-line options and die-cutting. We can interchange variable data for promotions, and we are G7 certified master printers, which means that we hold color matching standards that will continuously assure consistency of the color you’ll get in production.
For all your printed packaging needs, Heritage Paper is the ideal partner.




  • Many marketers are boosting revenues through regionalized, versioned and test-marketing designs produced in shorter runs that are too expensive to produce using analog flexography.
  • Small business customers, including several Northern California premium wineries, can now purchase high-end packaging and displays in the smaller quantities they require.
  • Larger customers looking to streamline their packaging supply chains are switching from flexo to digital printing on the HP Scitex printer to move to more sustainable, just-in-time manufacturing.



Heritage Paper is committed to sustainability, powering our plant with a $3.5+ Million solar panel roof. The HP Scitex fits well within this corporate commitment to sustainability in several ways.

  • Digital printing reduces the cost and resources needed to maintain printed packaging inventories, as well as significant waste from design changes that make pre-printed packaging obsolete.
  • The Scitex has a gloss print mode that eliminates the need for lamination, a process that can make corrugated board non-recyclable. This feature improves the overall sustainability of Heritage’s digitally printed products.